Appointment INFO


1.Please don't forget to bring you legal documents to your appointment . If its for a piercing , teeth whitening , or tooth gems , we do require valid CA ID . if you are a minor we do require more identification. Please check FAQ piercing edition to get a list of what you need to bring .

2. IF you scheduled an appointment online you are 100% book we will not send you a confirmation text or email. You are booked for the day and time you haves scheduled . If for any reason we need to cancel we will make sure to contact you hours in advance and give you a full refund plus a free piercing spray for your next visit . The address is 239 N Pilgrim st Stockton , CA 95205 

3.The deposit you paid for your appointment is NONE REFUNDABLE . Meaning no cancellations can be made after the appointment / payment has been processed . If you need to reschedule for a later time (same day booked) I can do my best to accommodate you but I can not promise anything .

4. Please arrive 10-15 Early to fill put paper work and process documents . this will help you get put quicker and us keep a nice flow with our other appointments.

5.when booking an appointment please be aware that the staff you might request may not be available to do the service you are inquiring about . If you are interested in booking with a specific member of its just a poke please write it down in the note section or DM @itsjustapoke or @itsjustapokeshop . 

6. Understand that we may not allow any extra guest in the service rooms with you do to lack of space and or corona virus guidelines . Here at its just a poke we love to have a fun environment so we always do our best to have everyone involve   during any procedure you are coming in for but we must follow covid 19 guidelines at all times .

7. Place reframe from bring  any kids to the shop. Now I am not a mother myself but I do know daycare is expensive and most of the time family may be too busy to care for your kids . IF ITS a must you bring your kids PLEASE  bring someone with you that can hold your kid the entire time you are in the shop . We carry a lot of fragile glass shelves along with glass accessories .This shop is not child proof so we are not responsible if anything happens to your kids while in the building or the 20,000 sqf surrounding the building. 

8.Promotions such as a free jewelry when you shout us out using instagram , are only for one piercing . The shout out must be done before entering the store . This promotion is for standard stainless steel jewelry costing $10-15 . This promotion does not include anything with diamonds or color beads .