Purchase Policy

here are a few things you need to know before or after purchasing either in store or online



Once your order has been place for either an appointment or a merchandise . We will not cancel any appointment. If you are no longer satisfied with your online purchase I can refund 50% of the full purchase amount and 100% of your shipping . This is only if your order has not been processed . If you order has been processed (shipping label has been purchased ) I can no longer refund the shipping . If your order has been shipped (it has left my shop) I can no longer refund any mount of the order .


We have a strict no return policy . once the order has left our facility we will no longer accept any returns . This includes any item in our online store or store front. Most of our merchandise are personal items that we can't re sale if we did accept returns . To avoid this matter as a small business owner we have placed a strict no return policy. Thank you for understanding.

Defective items 

Here at its just a poke we make sure to inspect our products when they arrive from any factory . Before Packing your order we ensure to give it another inspection to assure the product is up to standards . Once an order has left our facility we are no longer responsible for any item arriving defective or broken . If your order has shipped priority and you have purchased insurance the insurance claim will have to be made through USPS directly . We most defiantly want you to be happy so we will do out best to assist you with your claim. 


Pick up orders are only available Wednesday - Sunday 12-8pm. You are more then welcomed to Dm @itsjustapoke for order status updates or for the confirmation email. You have 14 business days to pick up your order .If you do not pick up your order you will forfeit any item on that order / promotion. Half of your full amount can be in store credit . No refunds will be issued for pick up orders .Make sure to check your pick up order while in store . if we need to make any changes or items are missing we can assist you while in store . By stepping out of the store you are agreeing that your order is 100% correct and no changes need to be made .